Commercial & Residential Storm Restoration for Shreveport, La

hail damage roofsLevel 1 General Construction specializes in storm restoration in Shreveport, La for both commercial and residential properties. Understanding how disruptive storm damage can be to your roof and complete structures makes us completely prepared and equipped to help at a moments notice. We know that restoration almost always means more than simply repairing or replacing a hail or wind damaged roof. As a general contractor, we are different that a roofing company. We are equipped to coordinate the variety of trades required to restore all the damage to your property. Everything inside, outside, and surrounding your commercial or residential buildings, we have the experience and the teams with the knowledge necessary to fix it right the first time. If you think your property has storm damage, contact Level 1 General Construction for a free property inspection. You can call us even before you file a claim. Our project managers are experienced inspectors who are accustomed to working with insurance adjusters. We know what the insurance companies are looking for. But, because they are construction project managers and not just roofers, they also know what the adjuster may overlook or forget to ask. They are able to see the whole picture, including the variety of trades that it takes to get you back to business as usual.

Inspection of Your Property

When you contact Level 1 GC of Shreveport, one of our project managers will set up a time to complete a thorough on-site assessment of your entire property. If a claim is needed, we will compile the necessary damage information and documentation, and review it with you. Since Level 1 works with insurance companies every day, we know what they need to make their benefit determination. We do all we can to secure everything you are entitled to receive. After all, the insurance company doesn’t give you a discount for NOT claiming benefits that are included in your policy.

We Will Meet The Adjuster For You

We hope that you will call us before you file a claim or before the adjuster inspects your property. Your project manager can be present for the walk-through. Recognizing and assessing storm damage takes experience, skill, and a keen eye. We want to ensure they recognize the extent of the damage and what is required for complete restoration. We find that if your project manager and the adjuster can agree on the damage and the necessary scope of work, the claims process goes much more quickly and smoothly.

Enjoyed doing business. Todd got the roof bought. Without his help we would NOT have gotten roof. Loved the crew!L Zumwalt, Oklahoma City, OK

We Review The Adjuster’s Estimate

After you file a claim, we work directly with your insurance carrier. When they send you their estimate, we review it, and if there is anything missing, we negotiate with them until we are satisfied that they have approved everything needed to restore your property to its pre-damage condition.

Restore Your Property

When your claim is approved, Level 1 works with an extended team of partners in many trades that help restore your commercial or residential property to its optimal condition. Your project manager will schedule, coordinate, and supervise the labor, so you don’t have to miss work or other important activities. We cooperate with your scheduling needs, and we are careful to follow any special instructions for your property.

Get Back to Work and Life

When all the work is completed, inspected, and approved, your life goes back to normal—like it was before the storm. Whether your damage is commercial or residential, we want to use our experience to meet your needs and make the process as easy as possible.

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